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- Oklahoma City
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- Houston
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- Austin
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- San Antonio
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- Tulsa
Triumph Register of America
- TR2/3/4 (esp. "Sidescreen Cars")
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British Car Forum
- Triumph and other British models
Guy's Triumph TR4A
- Guy Huggins
Dave's Cars
- Dave Northrup

British Auto Specialists
-Service and Parts, Ft. Worth
Metal Rehab
-Rust Removal, Arlington
Sports Car Warehouse
-Service and Parts, Arlington
Midlife Classics
- Restoration and Sales, Princeton, TX
British Leyland Auto
- Sales, Restoration, Service, Lewisville
Zepco Sales and Service
-Speedo/Tach Repair, Richardson
Moss Motors
-General Parts, US
The Roadster Factory
-Triumph and MGB Parts, US
Victoria British
-General Parts, US
TS Imported (Ted Schumacher)
-Performance Parts, Ohio
Rimmer Brothers
-General Parts, UK

More Vendors (from Hemmings Motor News Parts Locator column, and other sources)
Advanced Performance Technologies
-Performance Parts
Andover Restraints
-Seat Belts
Apple Hydraulics
-Rebuilder of Hydraulic Parts, Carbs
Books 4 Cars- Voss Motors
-Manuals and Historical Literature
British Auto Parts
-Used and Rebuilt Parts
British Miles
-Used Parts
British Parts Northwest
-OEM and Performance Parts
British Wire Wheel
-Wire Wheels
British Wiring, Inc.
-Wiring Harnesses
Classic Tube
-Aluminum, Stainless Brake Tubing
Faxon's Auto Literature
-Service and Parts Manuals
Heritage Upholstery and Trim
-Interior Upholstery, Carpet, Tops
Kip Motors Company
-Specialist in Lesser-Known Brit Cars
Little British Car Company
-Accessories, Moss Distributor
MacGregor British Car Parts
-Weatherstrip Specialists
McLean's Brit Bits
-Finned Aluminum (Alfin) Brake Drums
Midtown Auto
-Salvage Facility
Motorhead Limited
-Remanufactured Electrical Parts
Nisonger Instruments
-Dash Gauge Rebuilding
Fred Petroske
-Salvage Facility
Prestige Auto Tops
-Tops, Carpet, Upholstery
Quantum Mechanics
-Transmission, O/D, Differential
Rhode Island Wiring Service
-Wiring Harnesses
-Spitfire, GT6 Parts
Sport and Classic Car Company
-A/C Add-on, Interior Parts
Team Triumph
-Used Parts
Triumphs Only
-NOS and Rare Parts
Salvatore Vespertino
-TR6 Superchargers
-TR7, TR8 Parts
White Post Restorations
-Rebuilder of Hydraulic Parts
Wizard Cooling
-Aluminum Radiators
XKS Motorsports
-Wire Wheels
Advanced Distributors
- Lucas Dizzy Specialist
Custom Thrust Washers
- Alloy Thrust Washers
Accessories Unlimited
- Triumph Accessories
J.M. Wagner Sales
- Silicone Valve Cover Gaskets, etc.

John Macartney's Triumph Trans-AmeriCan Charity Drive
Spinal Tappets
DFW Autocross and Rally Clubs
Triumph Brochures
Texas Driver Magazine
American Driver Magazine
Classic Motorsports Magazine
Car Show Index
TX & OK Car Shows

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